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News from the turf world

Review of the TGA AGM, members meeting and visit to Soverign Turf.

TGA Soverign Turf visit

Willie Baird in his second year opened the AGM with thanks to the warm weather of spring, although the warm day he noted that we are in uncertain times with or without the weather playing its part. Keeping with the sunnier tone he noted that "recession is behind us; we just need to keep our confidence".

Thank you to Tim Mudge for all the hard work he has done over the last 10 years. We would like to give a warm welcome to Tom Anderson who has been co-opted onto the council to provide technical advice to TGA members.

Peter van Mispelaar (Commercial Director) talked to the group and gave an overview of the Vanmac product range now available to Turf Producers in the UK starting with Trilo's new range of "S" line Vacuum Collectors from 1.3 metre wide to 7.8 metre wide, the range of Verticutter, Tractor mounted blowers and the all new Trilo R10 (10.4 metre) Trailed Cylinder mower, along with the Progressive Rotary Mower range from 15 foot 6inch wide to 36 foot wide. Peter also talked about the range of wearing parts available at special prices for the UK market introducing to the group Jon Proffitt and Jeremy Vincent as the Representatives covering the UK together working direct for the Factory from Amersfoort in the Netherlands who Turf producers can contact direct for the best deals.