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Social Media Marketing speaker added to TGA Spring meeting

TGA- Spring meeting

Turfgrass Growers to get insights into social media for business.
The growing influence of social media is a subject that divides opinion.  Next month TGA members will get a unique insight into this world when Alex Wright of Knapton Wight gives a presentation to their spring conference.
Alex learnt his trade working for Facebook in London for several years and is now using this experience to help businesses help themselves by getting their social media presence right. He will look at the different sites that are used and talk about how businesses can communicate with each other and with their customers.
TGA Chief Executive, Tim Mudge said “When you mention social media you tend to get a very diverse reaction.  People either embrace it or reject it.  Having spoken to Alex I am sure that he will be able to put across a compelling case for everyone to look seriously at their digital marketing strategy.”